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The new generation of event ticketing

Free mobile scanners, box office software and mobile point of sales, low fees, real-time data, targeted event promotion, social sharing, cash back program and more

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Sell tickets to your events and get up to $500 cash back

For each and every event, when you reach a minimum of 100 tickets sold, you’ll get 10% cash back on service fees processed from your first ticket sold, up to $500 per event.

Free iPhone and Android scanner

Our check-in system is quick, paperless-capable, and prevents fraud. When attendees buy tickets, they immediately get a barcode on their phone. Once checked-in at the door, the code cannot be used again. You can end ticket sales as late as you want with total peace of mind.

Sell tickets at your door with our free Box Office software

Real-time sync with online sales, end-of-day closing reports, remote user management, EMV-compliant credit card transactions, contactless payments with Apple Pay® and Android Pay®, connects to Boca® ticket printers, as well as thermal and impact receipt printers. No services fee, no monthly fee. Follow this link to learn more.

Manage your events and sales anywhere

From your desktop computer or on-the-go with your mobile device, get real-time statistics, export attendee lists, manage users and permissions to give limited access to your employees, promotional codes, consumer behavior data to fine-tune your marketing efforts, automatic reminders for all attendees, post-event check-ins data and more...

Allow your street teams to accept cash with our Mobile Point of Sale

Accept cash payments anywhere, no service fees, no app required, real-time access control and sales monitoring. Authorize street promoters to sell your tickets and collect cash. No hard copies needed, no lost or stolen tickets, no headaches. Buyers receive their e-tickets by email. Click here to see how it works.

No fees on free tickets, low fees on paid tickets

Our fees are among the cheapest in the industry. Service fees for our standard free account are $1 + 2.5% of your ticket price. That's only $1.50 on a $20 ticket plus payment processing fees. There is no service fees on free tickets. We also offer flat fee structures for large events and festivals.

Lightning fast customer service

Our customer services teams are scaled so that you get answers to all your questions with no wait time. We respond to emails within a few hours and trained representatives are ready to treat all your demands on our Live Chat.

Instant funding: get paid as you sell

Don’t wait until the end of your event and get paid instantly as soon as you make a sale. Connect an existing Stripe® account or create one in seconds, and see the funds transferred as you sell.

Multi-day tickets

Your event or festival lasts several days? Not a problem. Set multi-day passes and remain protected by our fraud-prevention features. Your guests can use the same ticket one time a day for as long as your event lasts.

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