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Ticket Division Mobile Point of Sale

Accept cash payments anywhere, no service fees, no app required, scannable tickets, real-time access control and sales monitoring

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Allow your street teams to accept cash with our Mobile Point of Sale

Accept cash payments anywhere from your smartphone’s browser. No app required, no service fees. Simply log in to your Mobile Point of Sale account, collect the buyer’s information and payment. An e-ticket is automatically sent to the buyer.

Allow or revoke access anytime anywhere

You decide who can sell tickets for your events. Grant and revoke access at anytime, cancel selected or all tickets from a promoter in case of fraud. You keep full control of tickets sales. Authorized Point of Sale users do not have permissions on your account, they can only sell tickets.

Fully integrated tickets and barcodes

Collect the buyer’s information and payment, confirm and an electronic ticket is instantly emailed to the buyer. The ticket can be printed or scanned from the buyer’s mobile device.

No more physical tickets, less money spent

Hard copies used as sales tools by street promoters are no longer needed. Your promoters can now sell through the Mobile Point of Sale. No more headeache, no more additional cost, no lost or stolen tickets.

How it works

Login / Sign up

A Mobile Point of Sale account is automatically created for events organizers when they sign up and add users. Promoters that don’t organize events can create a Point of Sale-only account.

Grant access

Events organizers allow Mobile Point of Sale accounts (including other events organizers if desired) to sell tickets by adding them from their event dashboard.

Sell tickets

Select the event of your choice, collect buyers’ information and payment, confirm and an electronic ticket will be sent to the buyer. Organizers see sales in real time.

Login to access your events or create an account to start selling tickets for event organizers

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