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New Box Office security feature: unlink your devices

Ticket Division introduces a new security feature for Box Office users. Organizations and venues using Ticket DIvision Box Office can now remotely unlink all their terminals from any computer or mobile device.

Focusing on security

Ticket Division knows that the vast majority of venues use static workstations that are not prone to theft. However, it is crucial to be prepared and be equipped with the tools needed to protect venues and organizations in case of attacks or theft. If a device is stolen or compromised, administrators of Ticket Division accounts can now log into their account using any web browser, and disconnect the terminals connected to their Box Office account.

Once a terminal is unlinked, no operation will be authorized until it is linked again, using the organization's credentials. Unlinked terminals are refused access to the organization's account and cannot take or review orders.

No compromise on user experience and speed

In order to simplify venues' operations, the organization's password is not required at every startup of devices using Box Office. Credentials are required to connect devices, and box office staff can simply log in with a 4-digit passcode that managers and administrators set.

So one of the challenges for Ticket Division's developing teams was to keep normal user experience as smooth and quick as possible, to ensure large crowd control and fast sales, and have a safety net working at all times. After a long battery of tests, Box Office's speed and execution remains unaltered by this new security feature, which operates as a silent "bodyguard" watching over the software's integrity at all times.

Worry-free device reset

Administrators can safely unlink devices connected to their Box Office account and reconnect them if need be. This new security feature is reversible by design. Should you want to reconnect your device, simply log in using your organization's credentials and start using Box Office like it was the first time.

Please remember to also change your password if your credentials (login information, including your password) have been compromised.