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Ticket Division launches a mobile Point of Sale

A mobile Point of Sale designed to accept cash payments and authorize access-restricted accounts to sell tickets has officially been released. Point of Sale will be free and unlimited for all Ticket Division users.

Accept cash payments anywhere

Primarily designed to allow event organizers to accept cash payments and issue fully integrated tickets to buyers, the new platform will allow event organizers to authorize promoters and sub-promoters to sell tickets with access-restricted accounts. Promoters can be authorized to sell tickets for the event organizer and collect cash payments, but will not be able to edit or manage events.

A Point of Sale account is automatically created for all event organizers, editors, and administrators. Street teams and promoters can create a Point-of-Sale only account and sell tickets on behalf of event organizers that authorize them to sell.

Physical tickets are no longer needed

The Point of Sale can therefore be used as a free option to replace costly physical tickets. In addition to cutting down ticket-related expenses, Ticket Division Point of Sale simplifies the process of gathering information from promoters and street teams. Printing and shipping hard copies delay cash sales while Point of Sale accounts can be created and used immediately. Moreover, sales are entirely integrated to the event organizer's dashboard in real time, which means no counting tickets before show time, no lost or stolen tickets, no unsold paid physical tickets to discard.

Fraud prevention

Electronic tickets are automatically sent to ticket buyers with newly generated barcodes. Like any other ticket sold with Ticket Division, they embed fraud prevention features. If attendees attempt to use the same ticket twice, Ticket Division scanners will display a warning message for your door staff. The Point of Sale also prevent fraud from promoters as event organizers can cancel tickets and orders at any time, which cannot be done with physical tickets.