What are the fees added to my tickets?

Besides the additional fees and taxes that you may set for your tickets, the service fees are Ticket Division's fees that we charge to operate. Ticket Division's service fees are added to the ticket price, independently of any taxes and additional fees that you may set for your tickets.

Payment processing fees are fees levied by our payment gateway to process payments. Ticket Division does not collect these fees. The current payment processing fees for all accounts are 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction. This fee is based on and deducted from the final amount paid by the buyer and submitted to the payment gateway, including service fees, your taxes and additional fees and facility fees (if any).

Facility fees are flat fees levied by the venue or, in some instances, the City where your event takes place. The facility fee is independent from Ticket Division's service fee, whose calculation takes place before the addition of facility fees.

You can choose to absorb the fees or pass it on to the final price of the ticket and let the buyer pay them.