How do I cancel an event?

Warning: this action cannot be undone.

Select the event of your choice from your my events page to access its dashboard. The "cancel event" button is located at the top of the event dashboard, as shown below.

To proceed, click the "cancel event" button. As this action cannot be undone and to avoid errors and unwanted actions, we require users to manually enter a confirmation word to proceed with the event cancellation. Enter the requested word and click "confirm".

If paid tickets have been purchased, orders need to be canceled before canceling the event, and the following message will appear. We do not allow bulk order cancellations. Orders will have to be canceled one by one. Once all paid orders have been canceled, the event cancellation button becomes available. Free tickets do not need to be canceled in order to cancel the event.

All attendees whose orders have not been canceled will receive an automatic email notification and all remaining orders will be automatically canceled.