How do I create an event?

To create an event, log in to your account and click on the "Create Event" button located at the top of the my events page.

After clicking the "Create event" button, you will reach the new event form as shown below. Select your start/end date and time, event name and all other required information, upload an image for your event, and submit the form.

Once you have completed and submitted the event form, the event will be created and added to your event list. Keep in mind that events are created unpublished and you will need to publish them when ready to start selling tickets.

You can also copy an existing event to use the same settings, promotional codes and ticket types. To do so, select the event of your choice from your my events page to open its dashboard, then click the "Copy Event" button at the top of the page. Settings such as event type, venue, promotional codes, ticket types, or age restrictions will be copied from the event you selected. You can then set the new event's dates, times and other information.